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125 Amps Battery Power-off Switch For Cars Rvs Trailers Ships Trucks Power-off switch+terminal+leather cover+copper wire

- Battery quick disconnect switch produce high current continuous amp rating of 20 amps at 12 volts, Momentary rating of 125 amps at 12V and 250 amps at 6V.

- Battery kill switch quickly cut off the electrical power, Manual cut off switch activation, direct power shut off. Safety and efficient.

- Master disconnect switch splices to battery cable quick and useful during the battery charging or when car is not in use. Purchased by confidence in 2 years.


Name: Battery Controller
1. Product material: all copper material
2. Product voltage: 12V/24V
3. Rated current: 20A
4. Maximum current: 125A
5. Stud diameter: 10mm
6. Switch type: manual rotation
7. Electrical life: 10000 times
8. Product features: The power supply can be cut off quickly in case of emergency, and the studs are not divided into positive or negative.
9. Product advantages: sturdy and durable, long life, anti-corrosion, easy to use, easy to install.
10. Product function: protect the power supply and prevent leakage
11. Scope of application: car modification, trucks, trucks, yachts, SUVs, caravans, etc., can be used as the on/key of various electrical equipment added inside and outside the car (such as: strobe lights, chassis lights, fog lights, dome lights. Momentary power failure, etc.)
12. Manual switch activation locate in emergency with handle, and prevent battery drain, referred part number 20701, easy to replace and high material quality, more detail dimension refer to the left picture.
13. Safety battery disconnects switch universal applied for street roads, rvs, trailers, or any vehicle where a battery cut off switch is required. Meet or exceed original part performance.
Packing list:
1 * Power-off switch
2 * 3 / 8 red copper terminal
2 * Red sheath
2 * heat shrink tube (red and black each one)
1 * Power-off switch
2 * 3 / 8 galvanized terminal * 4pcs
2 * sheath (red and black each one)
2 * 16 square 50cm battery bonding wire (red and black each one)
Note: Due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.

  • Model: PAU_0CYCVK0A

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