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Car Modified 50mm Blow Off Valve BOV Ver. 2 Turbine Exhaust Valve Decompression Valve Black

- High-Quality Diaphragm and Short Stroke Significantly Increase Response.

- Dual Spring System Promoted Response and Allows for High Boost Pressures,The spring pressure of the product itself: 20PSI/1.4BAR ,Spring pressure in package: 6PSI/0.4bar.

- Hard-Anodized Valve for Increased Air Flow; 50mm Flange Diameter; Holds Up to 35PSI Boost Pressure.

- Universal Application, Great for All Turbo and Intercooler Upgrade.

- Easy to Remove Locking Collar for Fast Spring Changes.


Name: Blow Off Valve
Product material: aluminum alloy
Applicable models: General
Product color: black, red, blue, purple
Applicable models: dedicated for turbo cars
Volume: 14.5*14.8*9cm
Weight: 721g
Type: BOV 50MM 10 PSI
For TiAl 50mm billet exhaust valve BOV version, welded to aluminum flange 35 PSI
The so-called pressure relief valve device is a device that prevents the air compressed by the turbine from running away in the opposite direction of the turbine through the suction pipe when the refueling is stopped. If the pressure relief valve device is not installed, the turbine blades will be damaged by impact. The vent sound with strong impact charm is smoothly discharged, and the shiny aluminum alloy body is adopted, and the engine room is attractive and durable. The intake pressure relief valve is more sensitive than the original one, and with the pleasant bleed sound, it can be said to be a modified part of a turbo car. The peculiar deflation sound of HKS can be used to inform from a long distance: the turbo monster is coming. Pressure relief valve; turbocharged car, can protect your car, the material is made of beautiful and generous, and the sound effect is good!
Packing list:
1 x Blow off valve with logo
1 x Aluminum flange
1 x V-band clamp
1 x O-rings and bolts , gaskets
Note: Due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.

  • Model: PAU_0D1HLUQP

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