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Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Tattoo Handle Power Supply Needles Tattoo Set US Plug

Special frame design: light weight, small body shake, can operate for a long time.

Safe one-time disinfection tattoo needle: high-quality stainless steel, constant needle.

Excellent performance: The high-quality copper wire has good conductivity, the tattoo hook wire and the solid stainless steel plug with the tattoo foot pedal are more convenient to lock the tattoo power supply.

The machine is powerful: can penetrate deep into the skin to create vibrant and lasting colors.



Product name: Tattoo Set


1.When the tattoo machine is working under load, it is about 4-7V. The tattoo artist adjusts the frequency and the length of the needle according to their respective techniques.

2.Please keep the machine working under 10V voltage to extend the life of the tattoo power supply and tattoo machine.

3.The tattoo machine runs fast, creating precise lines and matte. High-quality tattoo needles have higher penetration.

4.Longer tattoo hook line and foot pedal, easy to operate and move the body in the tattoo work.

Packing list:

1*10 turns yellow peacock fogging electroplated iron frame coil tattoo machine (without hook line)

1*8 turns sea wave cutting line electroplated zinc alloy frame coil tattoo machine (without hook line)

1*ATOMUS fine LED adjustable blue light tattoo power regulator transformer

1*1.65m PVC black regular ram's horn tattoo hook up line

1*1.65 m PVC transparent regular ram's horn tattoo hook up line

1*1.4m silicone transparent line rectangular stainless steel tattoo foot pedal

1*24mm diameter 2mm screw short green five claw plating aluminum alloy regular needle tattoo handle

1*24mm diameter 2mm screw short rose red five claw plating aluminum alloy regular needle tattoo handle

20*Random model 0.35mm needle wire stainless steel ordinary tattoo needles

20*Random corresponding model blue plastic ordinary tattoo needle nozzle

10*Random color ordinary silicone T-shaped tattoo needle pad

Random colored silicone coil machine shock absorption


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.

  • Model: PBE_0B7IR1O6

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