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AI FX Lens Adapter Ring For AI Mount Lens To Fit Mirrorless Fuji FX Camera AI D Head Adapter Ring black


Made of Metal material with matte black anodized surface,durable,wear-resistant,anti-corrosion and prolongs its service life.

Fully manual control,supports manual focus,manual exposure and aperture priority.

Finish the coating treatment on the inner wall to avoid reflection in CMOS and affect the image.

The precise thread ensures a firm and smooth connection between the lens and the camera body.

D / AI / AIS mount lens holder to fit the body of the mirrorless Fuji FX-Pro1 Camera.



Product Name: Lens Adapter Ring

Color: Black

Manufacturing method: semi manual and semi mechanical

Material: Metal

Product features: Full manual control, manual focusing, infinite focus.

Uses: transfer Nikon D lens (such as 50 1.8D) to Fuji Micro single use.

You can't adjust the iris if you transfer to the G series head.

Instructions for using the adapter:

The adapter ring can connect different brands of lenses and cameras to shoot, greatly increasing the lens resources and bringing a lot of shooting fun. But the original lens auto focus and other functions cannot be used

After transfer, you can shoot in M file, the aperture is not displayed, and there is no photo information, subject to the manual setting of the lens or the adjustment of the adapter ring. The settings that the camera can change are parameters such as shutter and ISO

Some cameras can shoot with AV, P, and automatic files, with automatic exposure, which is very convenient for shooting. For example, Canon SLR, Sony NEX, etc., Nikon generally requires a three-digit model to provide this function

Some camera menus need to be set in order to press the shutter, such as Sony SLR, NEX single battery, M4 / 3 single battery and so on. When the shutter cannot be pressed in the M file, or a warning such as "The lens is not installed correctly" should be modified, the camera menu settings should be modified, generally in the "Settings" and "Custom" places. If you want to install the lens and release the shutter, change the setting to allow.

Package Contents:

1X nikon-FX adapter ring

Note: The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3mm error,thank you.

  • Model: PEL_0G4Y0T5Y

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