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40g Buttocks Cream Moisturizing Lifting Tightening Shaping Massage Cream Buttocks cream 40g

Active botanical ingredients deeply nourish the skin of the buttocks and repair the strong cells for a firmer buttocks.

Enhances the activity of gluteal cells and promotes the division and increasing of fat cells in the dermis.

Natural plant extracts nourish and continuously tighten the buttocks muscles, strengthen nutrition and solidify the skin.


Product category: hip strengthening cream
Net content: 40g
Specification: normal specification
Enhanced hip cream
Applicable skin type: General
Usage: take the amount of one dime to smear on the required part, massage with circular motion until it is completely absorbed. The best effect is to use it after bathing or on warm and moist skin twice a day for three months.
Function: breast cream, make your butt bigger and bigger, very beautiful. Get rid of the flat head and marvel at the plump hips!
Storage method: store in a cool, dry and dark place.
Hip care magic weapon
Improve buttock skin
Improve sagging hips
Improve hip shape
Improve buttock wrinkles
Three formulas for lifting, tightening and smoothing the hips
Help eliminate hip fat, shape strong curve
Tighten / moisturize / lift
Service life:
Conditioning menstruation: improve skin condition
Plant active ingredients deeply nourish buttock skin, repair strong cells, and make buttock tighter.
Promotion period: buttock tightness begins to increase
Enhance the activity of buttock cells, promote the division of adipocytes in dermis, and increase constantly.
Consolidation cycle: elastic and round buttocks
Natural plant essence nourishes, constantly tightens buttocks muscles, strengthens nutrition, solidified skin.
Kiwifruit extract
Its fruit is rich in flavonoids, which can provide antioxidant effect. It contains phytochemical components, has the effect of estrogen, can improve the epidermal state, improve the hip curve. Improve buttock sagging and increase skin elasticity.
Hamamelis extract
It can help to treat allergy or chicken skin, relieve skin sensitivity, effectively reduce skin inflammation and treat erythema.
Hydrolyzed collagen
Inhibit melanin and whiten skin. It acts on the dermis and skin aging. Shrink pores, moisturize and keep warm. Tightening the skin and repairing good lines. Brighten skin, firm skin, reverse aging. Remove stretch marks and improve allergies. Weight loss, breast enhancement and beauty.
How to use
Step1: apply to the required parts, massage in circles until the product is completely absorbed;
Step2: it is recommended to use it twice a day for at least 4 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, it can make the buttocks restore youth, fullness, firmness and elasticity.
Packing list:
note:Please carry out allergy monitoring before use. If you feel unwell after use, please stop using

  • Model: FQZBE_OD744F40

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