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Magnet Breast Enhancer Electric Chest Enlargement Massager Anti-Chest Sagging Device Breast Acupressure Massage Therapy Tool Pink

User-friendly features including waterproof design, noise-less operation, easy-operation remote control, and convenient USB charging way.

Adopts with simulated human massage technique, making an accurate message to breast acupuncture points for enlarging breast.

This electric breast massage can accumulate blood flow, active cell renew, restore skin elasticity, prevent sagging and deformation of the chest.

Enlarging breast effectively without needing to do expensive breast surgery.



Item type: Chest Enlargement Massager

Operating atmospheric pressure range: 866.0kPa - 106.0kPa

Controller specifications: 97.5*64*25mm

Power supply: DC3V 200mA

Plug wire length: 90cm

Massage sheet specifications: 78*65*18mm

Operating environment temperature range: 5℃-40℃

Rated power: 32W (suitable for the chest)

Main material: ABS+ environmental rubber paint

Ambient temperature: ±5℃~﹢40℃

Rated current: 0.15A

Operating relative humidity range: ≤80RH%

Rated voltage: 220V, 50HZ

The surface temperature during normal use is: 55℃±5℃

Package Include:

2xChest Enlargement Massager, 1xremote control


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

  • Model: PBE_05EIHCN8

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